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DATA De-Duplication Tool

The Product

Data De-duplication tool is an essential requirement for the organization which runs, feeds and operates on data. It enables you to Segregate, Manage and filter the duplicate data in the most easiest manner. Saves a lot of time and money which gets wasted on manual operation of sorting the data. Be it of any size it will manage the data with result analytics as well. 

The Problem Statement

Data driven organizations face plenty of issues on daily basis while sorting the incoming data. As the data documents come to them from multiple sources and in multiple formats like jpg, png, pdf, csv, xls, svg, doc, docx, rtf and many more. Usually the volume of data is in a huge which becomes a headache for the associates or management team to convert the data into a tabular and usable format. It incur two major things one is time consumed in manually sorting the data along with eradicating the repetitive and another is to verify that whether the data is valid or not. As customers don’t like multiple calls for the same pitch.

The Solutions Statement

With our tool you will have the freedom to eliminate the duplicate data is the easiest possible way. No need to worry about the format of the document. Just upload the files and leave rest upon the software. 

You will have three major components of the data followed by:

  1. Filtered Data: Eliminating the duplicate data and provide you the filtered results in terms of desired parameters. You can also select/deselect the required details as per your requirements. 
  2. Analytics of the Data: Your processed data will be provided with an analytical report about the authenticity of the incoming data. This will help you to evaluate that how much money and time you need to spend on your data resources.
  3. Process Automation: On special demands the data flow can be integrated with Robotic Process Automation as well where the incoming data will be filtered, Analysed and can be forwarded to the dedicated team as per the configuration required.

Use Cases

Our product is pretty much useful for the organization which runs precisely on data or we can say data driven companies. Industries Covered: Call Centres, Advisory, Banking, Finance, Insurance, Research & Development Companies, Direct/Indirect Marketing Companies.