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Background Eraser App

The Idea

An exclusive app for users to erase background of an image

Client had an idea about developing a product where users can easily have the functionality to erase background of an image and utilise it as per his/her needs.

On the primary note it seemed to be pretty easy task to be carried out and handed over to the users willing to edit image with ease. But apparently it wasn’t that easy. As per the study conducted on the task assigned to our business analyst, our designers and developers had an intense R&D on sorting down the absolute solution for the App.


The Problem Statement

This is where we undergone the hurdles

The fine day we had a word with our client, we came across the usual issues faced listed below: Client got the feedback from users that they were unable to erase the background and assessed that the erase functionality having zoom-in/zoom-out feature of the pointer wasn’t synchronising with scrollbar.

Post editing the image the final product was not visible in the gallery or image folder which was a major bug due to which it became a setback for the app. An another issue faced by the users was that the undo/redo feature was not working properly so every time user has to redo the steps from beginning and it was irritating them a lot.


The Solution Statement

And yes we duly fixed the bumps

The client was provided with the solution within a duration of 4 to 5 days for fixing the backend issues along with a 2 days hardwork on arranging the UI in sync with the functionalities. Later the bug in the App was sorted and had the following things functional: Users were easily able to fetch the desired image on to the app from multiple folders in the phone/tablet/phablet.

Once the image was on the app users were easily able to erase the background of the image as per their need and use case. It became fun for the users to use functionalities like pointer zoom-in/zoom-out and use scrollbar as per comfortability.

Users didn’t had to go all the way back o the initial point and start editing the image again as Undo/Redo feature was allowing them to step back & forth and later save it to a dedicated folder assigned by the name of app itself.


The Technology Stack Utilized

Some techno-language used to overcome the obstacles

We utilised the below technologies for fixing the bugs
Java for android
XML for UI
Graphics library java for frontend