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Visual Representation of Algorithms

Let us take you to the voyage of some great concepts developed under the umbrella of Techrefic Technologies Pvt. Ltd. We have mastered several algorithms with the dependency of use cases

Algorithm Live Preview

How to Predict Stock Prices using Neural Network

Fintech Firms are thriving for the usage of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in predicting Stock Prices for Intraday, next day and long term models, here is a python model, trained on LSTM Algorithm to predict stock prices and showing state of the art accuracy achieved

How to get tick by tick data from Kite Web Socket

Kite Provides web socket api to get live tick by tick data for the instruments we want. Here is an implementation of the code using Python and Kite Web Socket Python SDK

How to match two sentences using Fuzzy Logic in Python

Matching and Ranking is highly used in Context and Content Matching, Finding similar sentences are used to find and remove duplicates from data from a different format. Which is considered as a part of Data Mining as well.

How to extract products from e-commerce portal using Python and Scrapy Framework

E-Commerce Product Crawling is highly required to understand Market Analysis and Competitor Analysis, Scrapy – A Python Based framework provides fastest way to crawl and scrap products from any e-commerce portal.

Data De-Duplication Finding using Python, Pandas and visualising through HTML and Bootstrap

Duplicate Data Creates lots of mess and downgrades the accuracy of the Algorithms Specially when required for marketing. Here we find match and find duplicates from two excel sheets depending on the Fuzzy Matching Logics

Downloading files from Websites by applying Python & Selenium

Automated File Download using Selenium WebDriver and Python

Facial Points Recognition Algorithm applying Python and OpenCV

Using Python and OpenCV to Recognize Facial Points for Face Matching Algorithm. A new step in security using Machine Learning and Python

How to extract Emails from Outlook using Selenium and Python

Email Automation is one of most preferred technique used by the busy professional, so that they can easily organize their emails and tasks. Video provides the demonstration of how to get emails from outlook account, we can use those emails for further Robotic Process Automation.

Robotic Process Automation (Automating the Manual Stuff)

Reducing Manual Efforts using Technology is our passion. This video demonstrates a RPA example, where we get Vehicle Registration and Taxation Details from a registrar site providing excel file having vehicle details as Input.

Optical Character Recognition Using Deep Learning (Neural Network)

Working Video Sample of Optical Character Recognition using Deep Learning, We have trained the model for languages like Amharic, Arabic, English, Finnish etc. Technologies Used : Python, OpenCV, Neural Network, Tensorflow

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